Sale New and Used Cars in Ukraine.

On our website generally new cars of foreign production are presented.

The international trading company - BUSKIEV offers different models of the cars which are on the parking in Germany, Turkey the USA, AOE or other countries.

All offered new cars are delivered under the order and are on the parking abroad of Ukraine.

Choice of models: BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, CHEVROLET ZR1, Toyota Land Cruiser, PORSCHE CAYMAN, etc. models at the optimum prices. 

There is a possibility of sale of wholesale parties. 

There are new cars of an old model range.

Delivery and customs clearance is carried out according to the preliminary arrangement.

Good relations with it is customs - allow to carry out by broker companies of the city of Kiev 100% customs cleaning the legkovikh of cars in Kiev to the shortest terms. 

Each car is delivered and undergoes customs cleaning in Ukraine individually taking into account a situation at the time of payment. Here the stall of the car and cost of delivery plays a role.

The cost of delivery of one car can be different depending on the number of the ordered cars.

Cars prices are generally specified without the cost of delivery and customs cleaning.

Estimated cost with delivery and 100% payment of customs duties and other taxes is specified some models but this price is approximate and not final.

Cost is specified with delivery and a customs clearance aren't final estimated cost it can will change.

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Used Bus for Sale

Продаж Нових та Б/В Туристичних Автобусів в Україні
New and Used Bus for Sale in Ukraine
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